Property and Financial Settlement

Property and Financial Settlement

We are dedicated to resolving our clients’ property and financial matters upon separation by providing realistic, timely and accurate advice. We promote the resolution of matters through alternate dispute resolution if appropriate for that particular matter as usually this is the most time and cost effective means to resolve matters.

We appreciate that some matters are not appropriate for alternate dispute resolution and need to be litigated due the particular circumstances. We have extensive experience in relation to complex litigation regarding property matters and provide our clients with support and sound legal advice to enable them to make appropriate, well considered decisions with respect to their matter.

In some circumstances, it may be appropriate to make an application for spousal maintenance if there is a need and a capacity to pay by a former partner. A client may also be in a position where such application is made against them. We are able to assist our clients to navigate through either situation.

We are also able to assist our clients with binding financial agreements which can be entered into before, during or after a relationship. There are certain circumstances, especially if our clients want to protect their assets before entering into a relationship where a binding financial agreement will best suit their legal needs.

We provide our clients with well-considered and in depth advice about the various options available to them in their particular circumstances.